We have all experienced it, the 3pm slump. It’s the time when you’ve been sitting in the office all day only to realise you actually haven’t seen the sun. Or it could be that you’ve had a lazy day at home, kinda doing house chores or uni work but also kinda just scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. So much scrolling that you start to think about the possibilities of getting early onset thumb arthritis. It’s the time that you think, “all right, maybe it’s time to go outside and get some fresh air, I’ll go get a coffee to get me through the next few hours”. By the time you save your work, and then open it again to make sure its saved, then re-save it and close; or you’ve put on acceptable clothing  (not your “house trackies”) and get into town, it’s 3.30pm. You get to your nearest local café and see them starting to pack up the chairs for a 4pm close AND they’ve started to pack down the coffee machine. Bugger!!


Ah huh, this is where I suspect the characters of Wagga Wagga know it all too well – the want of good, quality coffee from a locally run business. If you’re anything like us, you don’t want to support the big dog chain stores. But worry no more! I have compiled a list of places to get your late afternoon fix. The list you didn’t even realise you needed.


#1 Rabbit Books – Art house Studio, Gallery & Art School

Closes: 4.30pm Mon – Thurs & 10pm Fri & Sat. Closed Sun.

This little hidden gem on Johnston Street near the Commonwealth Bank is a simple savior. Many would assume, being an art house, it would be full of… art, but oh-no, it is simply much more. With Alice-in-Wonderland vibes there is a little café hidden in amongst the walls full of classic books. The coffee is great, the chocolate is better – the perfect 3pm wake up call.

Website: https://www.rabbitbooksarthouse.com


#2 Sonder Café
Closes: 5.30pm Mon – Fri & 3.30pm Sat. Closed Sun.

Grab your coffee, sit down and day dream away. This quiet café located on Fitzmaurice Street is just the place to let your mind take you away and not be disturbed.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cafesonderwaggawagga


#3Café Cucina  
Closes: Mon – Sat 5pm excl. Thurs 8pm & Sun 3pm

There it is, Wagga’s CBD 3pm slump hero! Nestled in the Sturt Mall on Baylis Street, a café run by the locals that understand the afternoon caffeine shortage! Open until 8pm on Thursday for those working the late night shopping shift.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Cafe-Cucina-124346967658963


#4 Mates Gully Restaurant and Accommodation

Closes: 4.15pm Sun – Thurs & 9.30 Fri – Sat

Staying open just that little bit after 4pm Sunday until Thursday you’ll be able to get that last coffee of the day from our good friends down at Mates Gully. The little cottage is surrounded by the most luscious garden with a Victorian-esque ambiance.

Website: http://www.matesgully.com.au


#5 Thirsty Crow
Open from: 4pm Mon – Tues & 12pm Wed – Sun. Closes late.

Maybe you’re out searching for that 3pm kick a little bit past 3pm. Barista made coffee at your local brewery. Scratch is here to make your evening pick-me-up much, much easier. Who knows, maybe it’s late enough to turn your coffee into an afternoon beer – we hear it works just as well.

Website: You’re on it. http://www.thirstycrow.com.au