This week at Thirsty Crow,
we’ve been very busy organising and getting ready to smash out another canning run! How many cans you might ask, well… Roughly 20,000! 
We’re restocking our core range and releasing the first of our Stud Muffin Series. The Stud Muffin Series is a collection of pastry stout beers that will be released monthly for a limited time only! So pre-order when you can!


The first is our Rocky Road,

bursting with rich chocolatey goodness, subtle hints of marshmallow, roasted peanuts and coconut.

Thirsty Crow is also on the lookout for future Stud Muffin models!

If you’ve got a model shot, send it in to You never know, you might see your face on one of our cans! (we’ll be in touch)


Thank you for the continuous support through this rocky road of a year! (see what I did there?) 


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