As of Friday, 17th of July we will be adhering to the following guidelines as per NSW Government compliance.

  • a maximum of 10 people per group booking
  • a maximum of 300 patrons or one customer per 4 square metres, whichever is the lesser.

For more information head to the NSW Government website.



What have we been up to?

Lots of stuff! 

We’ve had the release of our first Stud Muffin Series, Rocky Road Stout! If you haven’t tried it yet you better get in quickly, there’s not much left! If you’re not a fan of Rocky Road don’t worry, we’ve got our second Stud Muffin beer in the works! Make sure to follow our social pages closely to see when it’s being released!

We’re still looking out for a Stud Muffin model for our second release, so if you’ve got an old model shot, send it into creativedrinking@thirstycrow.com.au and we’ll be in touch!

Next up, a lot of you have been asking when the kitchen is opening again and we’re happy to announce that it is happening very soon, just with some changes. More information coming soon but in the meantime you can still order through our fantastic Kitchen Partners!

A brand new website is also in the works! We felt it was about time for a major upgrade! It’s full to the brim with fancy animations, photography and plenty of updated information. So the next time you visit our website you might be in for a shock!

Thirsty Crow is still focusing on creating local jobs during COVID-19 basically operating as a non-for-profit structure, with margins that we make on the beer being channelled into job creation and actual employment rather than profit retention for the business. 

Anyone living in Wagga can help stabilise our economy and help local people doing it tough. 

Simply the more Thirsty Crow beer you buy – the more jobs we can create, no other beer can do that in Wagga. We don’t want people drinking more beer – we want more people drinking Wagga’s Beer. We need you to share this message to your workmates, friends and family and encourage them to buy local and help locals.

As always we are forever grateful for everyone supporting us during these times, thank you.


Be Thirsty, Create Jobs!