(And entertaining yourself at the same time.)

To limit the damage at home, it’s sometimes best to get out and about with your little human and share your very own Dennis the Menace with the unsuspecting community…


Wagga Ten Pin Bowling

65A Trail Street Wagga2




2 x Toilet Stops &

2 x Infant Meltdowns


The never-fail classic entertainment activity 10 pin bowling, it’s hard
to beat. Against your 3 year old you’ve still got the edge even without resorting to “yo-mum” joke sledging and you’ve probably got 9 good years of this, so make use of this time. You can feel relaxed they get to stick their inquisitive fingers in places that won’t require calling an ambulance. The venue is loud – so no one cares too much if your kid is losing his shit because the terrible millennial music and the teenagers trying to throw the ball four fifths down the lane will take the focus off the meltdown in your own lane. Your young one is nearly assured of having a great time and you can use it as future blackmailing negotiations to behave for the next 2 – 3 weeks; especially if you incorporate a quick arcade game on the way out and win a prize that will be broken by the time you get home.

WORD OF WARNING: don’t get too cocky because unlike your Dad’s era – bumper lanes and solidly made, tetanus-free bowling ramps gives your young one a sniff at victory.

The XPT Arrival & Departure

Station Pl, Wagga2




This is dependent on the result you get from the train maths forum
question. Knowing the history of the XPT arriving on time be
prepared for multiple toilet stops.


Depending on your relationship with your Mother In Law… you get to see her depart or arrive so tears can be passed off for sadness… There are plenty of lovely senior citizens that still find you adorable let alone your 3 year old, so it’s a great time to get your tyres pumped and have some newfound confidence for the rest of the day. The chances of getting out of home on time to see the train is always a low percentage play but fortunately the XPT comes to the party by always running later than you!

Thirsty Crow Brewing Co.

153 Fitzmaurice St, Wagga2



6 x toilet stops (2 for your child and 4 for you…) &

1 x infant meltdown.


A brewpub is always a top spot to do some father & child bonding at any age. You can sort them out with some Deep Fried Oreos and a Milkshake then educate them about colours with a beer tasting tray in front of you. Continue the games challenge with Snakes n Ladders but be prepared for them to introduce some “modern rules” without notice. If they are starting getting a bit antsy – take them outside and play a bit of Cornhole – where there may be a crowd but no official scoreboard, so if they start sinking a few like Steph Curry you can still say out loud “I’m 6 and you’re 4” to save embarrassment. Fortunately if your young one is doing some crop dusting, the beauty of brewpubs is that the beer has aroma – so get your nose into deep into the beer glass and at the same time revise breakfast plans next week – 4 boiled eggs was a good idea at the time.