Thirsty Crow

Like most of history’s greatest ideas, Thirsty Crow Brewing Co began over a beer. Kevin, Carmel and I brought our ideas to fruition in early 2010. A building was leased, equipment was bought, renos were done, finishing touches were made and finally on December 24th, 2010 we brewed our first batch of beer – Sporting Ale.

 Beers started flowing in February 2011; life in Wagga was a party (especially as a 29 year old brewery owner) and we were in the heart of it. We found the best regulars Wagga had to offer, and we are attracting more and more every year.

In 2016 we relocated to 153 Fitzmaurice Street. We started getting ‘serious’ about what our true values were; community, supporting local, giving what we can and creating an ambitious culture that continually has us rearranging the boundaries. It took us until late 2019 to get our head into gear and start canning our beer regularly, yeah, we might have been a bit slow, I think there is a cliché about the Roman Empire? Something like foam wasn’t built in a day…. 

 Our love is family, community and indie beer. That is what Thirsty Crow is, that is how we will continue to grow. Join us.
Craig W
Founder & Head Brewer
Thirsty Crow