Take home some Thirsty Crow.

Did you just enjoy one of our award-winning brews at our brewpub (or a brew that hasn’t won an award because the judges clearly stuffed up..)!!? Thirsty Crow Squealers are available to take home with you, fresh off our taps – with minimal packaging waste.
Once empty, rinse your squealer/growler as soon as you’ve poured the last beer from it. Then leave the cap loosely on it. When you bring it in for a refill we will give it a sanitize, purge and fill up – simple as that.
Purchase your Squealer for $10 + the fill price. Happy Hour pricing for refills is between 4pm & 6pm, 7 days a week.

Regular Pricing for Squealers & Growlers fills
Red Light Ale $13.8 $26.2
Sporting Ale $14.5 $27.6
26Fifty $14.7 $28.1
Robust Porter $14.9 $28.5
Vanilla Milk Stout $15.1 $28.9
Dark Alleyway $15.9 $30.6
Seasonal, Guest Beers & Cider also available