Evening Menu 4pm–Late



A selection of artisian cheeses served with bread and crackers. Look for our ‘Cheese Chalkboard’ near the bar for today’s line-up.


Marinated mixed vegetables, stuffed baby bell peppers, mild salami, prosciutto, chorizo, mushroom & bacon pate, hummus, marinated Fiori De Latte, dukkah, Wollundry olive oil & bread.


Chicken ribs, mini chorizo, honey and chicken kabana, terrine, prosciutto, pate, cornichons, tomato chutney, whole grain mustard and crusty bread.


Our chef’s selection of freshly made dips. Served with fresh bread and crackers. More crackers $2 | More bread $3.5


Mixed Parafield olives and grissini


Gluten free bases are available for $2 extra

Garlic Pizza $11

Garlic, parmesan, parsley and sea salt.

Blue, brie & basil $21

Blue, brie, parmesan, mozzarella and basil.

Margherita $21

Tomato base sauce, slow roasted tomatoes, thyme, goats cheese and mozzarella

Bruschetta Pizza $21

Tomato, balsamic onion, mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and basil.

Unemployed Scarecrow $22

Balsamic onion, cherry tomatoes, feta, corn, roast potato and kumara, mozzarella and continental parsley.

Gurwood Deli $24

Prosciutto, salami, marinated artichoke, caramelised onion, feta, pineapple, olives & mozzarella.

Mushroom & Bacon $23

Sauteed mushrooms, Milawa chevre, smoked bacon, terrablanca truffle oil and continental parsley.

Thai Chicken $23

Kind of hot!! Coconut chicken, shallots, cashews, green curry paste, mozzarella, lime and coriander.

Ell-Grande $23

Avocado base, roast chook, bacon, carmelized onion, brie, mozzarella & smoked onion mayo

Pig & Fig Pizza $23

Caramelised onion, shaved prosciutto, fig jam, blue cheese, mozzarella and rocket.

Mexican Beef & Bacon $24

Reasonably Hot!!! Ground beef, capsicum, smoked bacon, mozzarella, sour cream, chilli, corn chips, guac and coriander.

The Boston $24

Smoked kransky & bacon, caramelised onion, red leicester, American ketchup and mustard.

2am Kebab Pizza $23

Chicken, beef and lamb, creamy garlic sauce base, tomato, cheddar, mozzarella, fresh tabouleh and Spanish onion.

Pulled Pork Pizza $23

Slow cooked spiced BBQ pulled pork, crunchy apple salsa, mozzarella and parsley.

Sunday Roast Pizza $24

Seasoned lamb, thick gravy, roast potato and kumara, peas, mozzarella, rosemary and mint sauce.

Hawaiian Lava $25

Ultra Hot!!!! Do not order this pizza, it’s far too hot for you. Do not come back and tell us it is too hot. Do not try and be a hero, do not eat this, you will not enjoy it. Crowley’s Hot Sauce ‘Haba Nice Day’, pineapple, smoked ham, chilli.

Into The Sunset

Rack of Pork Ribs & Shoestring Fries $33 full rack    $40 rack & a half (GF)

Slathered in a juicy BBQ sauce, served with ‘slaw seasoned shoestring fries.

Lemon & Herb Chicken $27 (GF)

Marinated half chicken served with portuguese wild rice salad, fries & grilled lemon

Pink Peppercorn Crusted Sirloin $35 (GF)

300g steak with grilled mushroom & spinach salad, baked chat potato & jus

Pork Belly $27 (GF)

In Asian broth with chilli, pak choy, red capsicum & fresh coriander

Hot Beetroot Cured Salmon Fillet $30 (GF option)

With cream cheese, caperberries, blackberries, water chestnuts & fresh oregano

Arcadia Saltbush Lamb Rump $33 (GF)

With green bean, feta, fig & fresh mint salad with toasted pine nuts & jus

Oven Roasted Vegetable Tart $22 (V)

With beetroot, asparagus, roast tomato, chevre, rocket & balsamic reduction


Salads & Sides $8.50

Sauteed Greens (GF) (V)

Fennel, pear, baby radish & parmesan salad (GF) (V)

Portuguese wild rice salad (GF) (V)

Mixed leaf salad with balsamic dressing (GF) (V)


Potato fries $9.50 (GF)

Seasoned with smoked paprika, cumin and salt. Served w/ ketchup.

Haloumi fries $10 (GF)

With chilli, mint and lemon aioli.

Jacket Potatoes $16 (GF)

Mexican beef, tabbouleh, salsa, smokey BBQ sauce and sour cream. Vego option available.

Nachos $16 (GF)

Pulled Pork OR Beef, corn chips, tomato, jalapeno, salsa, corn, guacamole & cheese. Vego option available.

Corn Dogs 2 for $10

Chilli and cheese kransky fried in a Vanilla Stout batter w/ chipotle ketchup and American mustard.

Chicken Ribs $10 (GF)

Juicy little suckers, marinated & served with honey soy sesame

Duck Leg Lollypops 2 for $16 (GF)

With spiced hoisin dipping sauce & crispy vermicelli

Trio of Sliders 3 for $16 (V)

Mushroom, melted applewood cheddar, rocket & tomato relish

Dumplings (Fried or Steamed) 5 for $16

Pulled pork, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and shallots, served with sweet soy dipping sauce

Dumplings Roulette $17

1 or 2 out of the 6 are are viciously hot!!!!* Served on a Roulette spinning plate – 5 dumplings and 1 (or 2) incredibly hot, spicy and fiery dumpling!! Share with a friend(s) and play it Russian Roulette style… we dare you!!!!
Seriously the hot dumpling is ridiculously hot – don’t order it, it will ruin your night!


Deep fried Oreos (x4)

Waffle Tacos (choose from the following)

Mint choc chip icecream with aero crumble (GF option available)

Nutella, oreo, caramel & profiterole icecream

Butterscotch icecream with toffee cake chunks

Strawberries & cream icecream w/ strawberry liqueur (GF option available)