First Brewed: December 2010
Availability: Year Round
ABV: 4.8%

Wagga Wagga is proudly known as the City of Good Sports. Craig, our Head Brewer, used to organise an annual Boxing Day cricket match in Wagga with school friends. To be honest, it was mostly about the drinks breaks… back then Kölsch (a German style Golden Ale) was the drink of choice with kegs brought along while Craig was a brewer at Hunter Beer Co.

After hearing ‘Kölsch’ mispronounced for months on end after opening Thirsty Crow from the Wagga faithful, we decided to rename it to Sporting Ale in honour of its cricketing origins.

Sporting Ale uses 100% Australian Pale malt to give a soft bready sweetness and light body. A touch of Czech Saaz provides a slight hop spiciness to compliment the delicate pear and apple esters produced from the German yeast strain during fermentation. This type of beer is the perfect company when standing in the outfield or drinking whilst couch-locked and watching the big game on TV!

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT (last delivery date)
Thirsty Crow Brewpub
Birdhouse Bar & Kitchen (Dec 6t)
CAVE BBQ (Dec 6)
BAY85 (Dec 6)
Wagga RSL Club (Dec 6)