First Brewed: June 2011
Availability: Year round
ABV: 5.0%

2650 is Wagga’s postcode and during the ridiculous heat of a Wagga summer, our Head Brewer loves taking a beer and his dog Taser down to the river for a cool down. The 26Fifty label illustration brings to life Taser’s habit of chasing after fish (dead or alive) to bring back as a trophy and then to play “keepies off” with Craig…

26Fifty Summer Ale uses a large charge of Galaxy, Mosaic and Meridian hops, which radiate mango, passionfruit and tropical flavours. Australian Pale malt is used to keep the beer light in mouth-feel while a touch of CaraHell malt is added to boost the residual sweetness and balance out some of the crisp hop bitterness. Best enjoyed with your furry friend or even with your dog.