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The Brewery

Like most of history’s greatest ideas, Thirsty Crow Brewing Co began over a beer. By early 2010 it was time for Kevin, Carmel and I to bring our ideas to fruition. A building was found, equipment was bought, renos were done, finishing touches were made and finally on December 24th 2010 we brewed our first batch of beer.
Our working brewery stands proudly in the front bar of the brewpub to give you a mouth-watering view of all the brewing action as it happens. From crisp lagers to sweet stouts and everything in between, we’re always perfecting our regular brews and surprising guests with one-off specialities. Like the Spiced Carrot Cake beer served in a glass rimmed with cream cheese icing. Very unusual. Very delicious.
Try a sample tray, join a tour, have a lazy chat to one of our brewers or just a sneaky pint in the corner – there’s many ways to enjoy a quality beer here… or for some people – there’s quality ways to enjoy many beers here!
See for yourself
Craig W
Head Brewer