Thirsty Crow Brewery has launched a new initiative in 2019 to assist local Not-For-Profit organisations whenever they ask for a helping hand. The new project called Thirsty Tributary could see more than $30,000 be donated from Wagga’s award winning brewery to various community organisations.
Wagga’s locally owned brewery has received numerous requests over the past eight years for gift voucher donations to use for various community fundraisers. Occasionally we have had to decline some requests in the past due to the overwhelming number of inquiries.

“We don’t want to say ‘no’ anymore! We have developed a system where, with support, we can say ‘yes’ all the time” - Katie, Marketing and Events Manager.

The project works as a rewards-type program with Thirsty Crow donating 1% of revenue to Not-For-Profit organisations that are registered with the brewery. When the organisation requests a fundraising contribution Thirsty Crow will then be able to donate a gift voucher to their accumulated value. “Naturally through their fundraising systems the potential of raising even more value from our gift voucher contributions will be great to see” said Miss Galvin.
Until 15th February 2019 for the launch of the Thirsty Tributary Project, Thirsty Crow will be increasing their contribution to 5% of each transaction.
Ashley Pattison Co-Group Leader and Breastfeeding Community Educator from Australian Breastfeeding Association said “It sounds like an excellent idea and something that the Wagga ABA Group is very appreciative to be part of”.
We really encourage school groups and charities to contact Thirsty Crow as it will a great benefit to them!
• Register your organisation's details with Thirsty Crow. (See form below)
• 1% of every purchase made at Thirsty Crow will be returned to you in the form of a gift card, as a prize to use towards your fundraising efforts.
• Everything purchased by your account will accumulate until you decide to redeem it.